Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel Alignment in Frankfort Kentucky

Your car’s alignment works with the steering, suspension and tires to keep you safe. You can often tell if your vehicle is misaligned because it will pull to the right or to the left while you intend to drive straight ahead. If you feel the car moving toward the rumble strips, you may have a problem.

Misalignment can make your car shake, and you may notice that your tire treads are wearing unevenly. That’s bad because it could mean your tires are wearing out sooner than they should, which of course cost you money when you need to replace them prematurely. For example, that’s one reason your tires that are rated for 75,000 miles tare only lasting 60,000 miles.

Call Frankfort’s alignment professionals – Limitless Auto & Diesel – at (502) 871-5147 to schedule an appointment. We’ll check your alignment and let you know if that’s the issue. If so, we can fix it for you and get you safely back on the road!