Brake Service, Repair and Replacement

Automotive Brake Service, Repair and Replacement in Frankfort, Kentucky

Most folks will tell you they think brakes are the most important feature in a vehicle. That’s because a vehicle that can’t stop or slow down when needed is in all likelihood headed for a disastrous accident.

No one will argue against the fact that your brakes MUST work if you and your family are going to travel safely. They’re designed to slow and stop your car to avoid obstacles and other vehicles, and to allow you to maneuver curves and corners at safe speeds. (We’ve all at some point taken a turn or curve a bit too fast, and it’s not a comfortable feeling!) Learn more about what’s involved in your braking system here: How a Car Braking System Works: ABS, Traction & Stability Control Explained - YouTube

Unfortunately, a lot of folks don’t even think about their brakes until they fail to work in an emergency situation. That’s why, at Limitless Auto & Diesel, our basic vehicle inspection includes a thorough check of your brakes to make sure the pads, rotors, drums and hydraulic system and mechanical equipment that make them work actually do work! Once we inspect your brakes, we may (or may not) find that you need new pads, drums, rotors, a brake fluid flush (to remove air from the brake lines). Whether we find an issue or not, you can trust our automotive technicians to perform a thorough inspection, spot any issues, and offer corrective action to keep your brakes in tip-top working condition. Which means you and your family will be able to wind up and down the highways safely and with confidence!

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Some Symptoms of Faulty Auto Brakes

You can usually tell when your brakes aren’t working right. At first, you might hear a squeaking sound when you apply the brakes. This is a brake warning system that’s built into many vehicles. Other symptoms you’ll notice is that your car won’t stop as smoothly as usual, you’ll hear a screeching sound or hear grinding whenever you apply the brakes or stop your vehicle. In the worst cases, it will sometimes even be difficult to control your car.

Of course, those are all warning signs, but they also indicate imminent danger. Don’t’ take a chance – call us today at (502) 871-5147!