Air Conditioning and Heating Service (HVAC)

Auto Air Conditioning (AC) and Heating Service in Frankfort, Kentucky

Keeping your air conditioning in good working condition is key to staying comfortable on the road. Don’t let your next vacation’s main memory be how hot or cold the drive was. Make your trips memorable for the right reasons, not the wrong ones!

Whenever someone uses the term “air conditioning,” we usually think they’re talking about cooling, as in, “My air conditioning isn’t keeping my cool.”

However, “air conditioning” can actually mean a number of things, including cooling of course, but also heating, air quality and ductwork. For example, a clean cabin air filter “conditions” the inside air by filtering out dirt, dust, dead bugs, particulates and other things you don’t want to breathe in. So that broader definition, too, is “air conditioning.” In this light then, “heating” is also a form of air conditioning.

It stands to reason then, that a reliable, well-working air conditioning system will keep you and your family cool in the summer months, warm during the winter months, and breathing healthy, clean air all year-round. And a trip without any issues like these will make your trip a good memory rather than a bad one.

Of course, the air conditioning systems on newer cars should work well and for a long time. But even newer cars need their cabin air filters changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. This is something we usually don’t think about.

And, as your car ages, it becomes more likely your air conditioning – both heating and cooling - will require service. One way to extend its life and reliability is to have it regularly inspected and maintained.

At Limitless Auto Repair, we can handle any issue related to your air conditioning (cooling, heating and filtration) system. Give us a call today for the best auto air conditioning  maintenance and repair services in Frankfort and the surrounding area.

Causes of Faulty Auto Air Conditioning Systems and Why Limitless is the Best Auto AC Repair Shop

Our technicians know how to diagnose and repair auto cooling, heating and other problems. We know to look for things like including leaking refrigerant, moisture, mildew and debris in the system. Does your car smell like dirty socks? We can figure out why!

We also routinely check for refrigerant, which cools your car. An insufficient amount can cause major damage. We also have the capability of finding and repairing leaks in your car’s radiator and hoses as well as the air conditioning itself.

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You can learn how your car’s air conditioning system works (and why you need the professionals at Limitless Auto & Diesel to work on it!) here: How the AC and Heat Work in your Car - YouTube