Tire Sales & Service

Tire Sales and Service in Frankfort, Kentucky

The only part of your vehicle that’s intended to touch the road is the tires. Tires are unique, in that they make all the difference between a safe ride and a dangerous one. They take the brunt of potholes and objects in the road, and their contact with the road is critical when turning, slowing and stopping.

New tires with an adequate tread can keep you safely on the road in all kinds of weather, assuming your driving is appropriate for the weather conditions. But bald, worn and over- or under-inflated tires are far more likely to fail in any weather, so it’s important to keep up with them. The last thing you want is for your tires to fail at 70 miles per hour! It happens often, but you don’t want it to happen to you!

At Limitless Auto & Diesel, we sell and service major brand tires. Any time you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll check your tires for wear and tear and cuts and scrapes, we’ll look for foreign objects like nails that may have found their way into your tires, and we’ll check the tire pressure to make sure it’s adequate for the tires and the time of year.

Many newer vehicles have a tire pressure warning light on the dashboard, giving you an indication of a problem. But it’s not always a good idea to wait for that little light to come on. A visual inspection can detect problems that tire pressure sensor cannot see. That’s why you want to bring your vehicle to Limitless, so we can give it – and your tires - a full inspection. Call us today at (502) 871-5147 to schedule yours!