Automobile Diagnostic Services

Automobile Diagnostic Services, Frankfort Kentucky

Sometimes you just know when something is wrong with your car – you just feel or sense that something is “off” or doesn’t “feel right.” Other times, you’ll see that a certain warning or indicator light has appeared on the dashboard. It could be that little engine warning light icon or the tire pressure warning light or something else.

At Limitless Auto & Diesel, we have the tools and knowledge to accurately diagnose the issues that may be affecting your vehicle’s performance. It’s easy for someone to say the engine light is on for this or that general reason. But our job is to identify the specific problem and fix it. And you can rely on us to do just that.

Just think about all the things that have to work perfectly for your car to run. The ignition system to turn it on, the fuel pump to get fuel from the tank to the engine, the fuel injection system to get exactly the right mix of fuel and air into the cylinders, where the pistons and rotors move up and down in response to a series of small explosions that happen one after another (in perfect time). In turn, the pistons upward and downward motion is connected to the drive shaft, which connects to your axles, turning your wheels and making your car move down the road. And that’s just one component. (You can see how this works here: What Does This Thing Do: Pistons - YouTube).

Chances are your car will tell you when something’s wrong, either by the way it’s running or because a warning light has been activated. In either case, it’s important to get a reliable diagnosis of the problem from a reliable auto service company. Of course, the diagnosis is just the first step – you want someone you trust working to fix the issue. That’s why you should call Limitless Auto & Diesel to have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired.

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