Transmission Repair and Maintenance

Transmission Repair and Maintenance in Frankfort Kentucky

As noted elsewhere on this website, the engine is critical to your vehicle. But your car can’t move without the transmission. The engine and transmission work together to move your vehicle from Point A to Point B. The transmission transfers the energy produced by the engine to the drive train and, ultimately to the tires, which turn to propel you forward or move you backward.

If you didn’t have a transmission, your engine would run, but your car wouldn’t move. Transmissions are complex, so they aren’t the kind of vehicular component most backyard mechanics can handle. Replace a clutch? Maybe. Rebuild or replace the transmission? There aren’t many backyard mechanics (or commercial mechanics for that matter) who can handle a transmission.

That’s why it’s important to call Limitless Auto & Diesel for your transmission inspections, maintenance, service and repairs. You can trust us to do it right! Call us today at (502) 871-5147 to schedule an appointment for your transmission.